South of France Beaches : why should you go there?

Jun 1, 2022 | lifestyle, Non classé

If you have always dreamed of a holiday near the beach, you can visit the South of France’s beaches. They are fun places, and all types of people are welcome. Some things you can do include visiting various beaches and staying in the ideal beach villas. Depending on the size of your holiday party, you can use this guide to evaluate various beaches in the South of France and pick the one that is right for you and your family. Here is a tour of the South of France beachesand the things you can do there.

Beach villas for renting

When you are on a holiday, the location, accommodations, amusement facilities, and ease of traveling around the holiday city will make your stay more pleasant. A popular holiday destination is the South of France. In that area, you have access to lovely beaches, hotels, luxury apartments near the beaches, and south of france beach villas.

South of France beaches have artificial and natural beaches, exclusive and general beaches. Visit any of them for relaxation and amusement. Similarly, you have access to shops, restaurants, bars, sports and entertainment facilities.

Beaches in the south of France for your relaxation

Whether you are looking for exclusive sandy or open beaches, the South of France has you covered. Below are some of the best beaches you could visit for your holiday.

Gruissan Plage, Narbonne

This beach is in the beautiful and active town of Guissan. It is beautiful and you can do various things in that town. You can spend the day at the beach, play in a casino at night and enjoy the lively nightlife in the town.

Plage Des Mariniers, Villefranche-sur-Mer

Plage Des Mariniers is one of the South of France beaches you could try. If you desire a quiet place, then this is the right spot for you and your family. However, this beach extends for only about a kilometer. For your safety, the place has lifeguards for beach users.

Grande Plage, Hendaye

Grande Plage is another South of France Beach located near the Spanish border with the Southwest side of France. The sandy beach is available for you and your family to stroll on.

If you like to surf or bodyboard on the clear blue waters, you got the right spots to bask in the sun and water. That beach caters to all types of people, unclad visitors staying in a restricted area. There are cafes and restaurants close to the beach so, you can eat seafood on the other part of the beach.

Valras Plage, Close to Beziers

This beach near Beziers town is a large one that can accommodate all comers without getting crowded. You can enjoy a meal in the restaurants and bars near the beach. Children can enjoy delightful rides in an amusement park during summer.

Paloma Beach in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat

This beach is in two sections. The sandy beach and coast full of pebbles are for the sole use of the wealthy citizens. However, the other side of the beach is available for general use. Make sure you go there with lots of money because renting a sunbed is pricey. If you are rich and want more privacy, head to Paloma beach.


South of France beaches should be among the best places to visit on your holidays. This piece has discussed the beaches and things to do there. Visit any of those beaches on your holidays in France.

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