How to behave with a man on a first date ?

May 21, 2021 | lifestyle

A first date with a man has always been stressful for most women. In order not to give the man a bad image of you, there are certain behaviours to adopt during the meeting. To find out what these behaviours are, continue reading this article.

Rules to follow for a successful first date with a man

The first thing to do on a first date with a man is to be punctual. You must come to the meeting place on time. Even if you have to be late, don’t be more than 5 minutes late. Then, during the conversation, invest yourself in it. Don’t be shy or leave it to him to ask you questions every time. There is nothing more annoying for a man to see a woman who is not interested in who he is, what he likes, or what he wants. When you first meet someone, bring out your personality, your looks and your smile. Also, don’t go overboard with your clothing. Don’t be too extravagant or too simple. Be yourself. Finally, don’t get too carried away. Give her time after the first date to call you back, otherwise you will be disappointed afterwards. It is important to note that you can give the man a small one as a souvenir. This is a gesture that men like a lot.

What to do after a first date with a man?


You had a good time on your first date and he promised to see you again, but so far nothing. Don’t take the lead in getting back in touch with him. This is an attitude that drives men away. In fact, some men do this expressly to tempt you. Play it cool, show him that you don’t expect anything from him and that you are too busy to think about it. By doing this, it will arouse his curiosity and his desire to see you again. However, if after one or two weeks you still haven’t heard from him, you can write to him to ask for news, but keep it brief. Also, don’t change your photo on a social network to impress him. Finally, be discreet even if you already see him as the perfect man. Don’t introduce him to your girlfriends, parents or at a picnic with friends any time soon.



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